Choosing a Contractor

Consider This... Facts to Know Before Choosing a Contractor



We at UMCS take our client and industry responsibilities very seriously. Safety, and local code compliance are of paramount importance to us. Unfortunately, there are many businesses in our industry that do not operate this way. Be certain that whichever company you choose to deal with, the following criteria are met:


  • They are authorized to sell AND install the products requested. Most music stores (retail) and part-time operations do not and cannot sell contractor products. If in doubt, the manufacturer can provide you with the location of your nearest dealer. Many manufacturers will NOT honor product warranties if installed by a non-authorized company.


  • Request to inspect and insist on a copy of any applicable licenses. In our industry, a low-voltage electrical license is mandatory for ANY attached wiring to a building. While just a license does not make a company good, it does show compliance with the LAW, as well as an effort to provide a quality installation. 


  • Request copies of insurance certificates. Contractor liability insurance is greatly different than simple content coverage. This is important to protect the client. 


  • Possibly the most important, check the clientreferralbase. Make sure the company has done jobs of similar scope to what you are requesting. Just being in business for several years does not qualify the company (maybe all those years were devoted to selling doughnuts, security systems or guitar strings). A solid, current referral base is your best resource on getting the right company for your job.


Thank You,


Mark Girardi

Operations Manager